If you are looking for a leased line (UK), colocation hosting or quality web hosting, then C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd. are a premier broadband internet provider, offering the right services for your company.

Leased Line UK

C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd are specialists in leased line UK technology, offering bespoke solutions for a wide range of customers, whether it's a small business leased line in the UK or large corporate leased lines providing reliable and secure internet access for thousands of users. C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd leased lines, ensure ongoing and safe internet access.

Premier Broadband Internet Provider

C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd are a premier broadband internet provider, offering high quality broadband solutions at competitive prices to a vast range of corporate and residential customers in the UK.

Colocation Hosting

C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd co-location hosting services enable companies to store their internet servers in our state of the art data centres, providing higher levels of security for company data and hardware. C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd colocation and dedicated server hosting facilities are fully resilient and backed by a Service Level Agreement.

Quality Web Hosting Services

Our services span from quality web hosting services for residential customers to providing bespoke web hosting solutions for large corporations.