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With our VPN solutions, UK businesses can cut the cost of their networks and the amount of bandwidth they use while improving their productivity and network security. With any business, you need to know that your data is secure and that you are using the most productive and cost-effective services available. Virtual private networks offer flexible solutions, which not only decrease your network management costs, but also your bandwidth usage too.

Ethernet VPN Solutions, UK

Here are some of the key benefits available with our Ethernet VPN solutions:

  • Nationwide connectivity between multiple sites
  • Higher bandwidth
  • Easy transfer of mission critical data
  • Use voice, data and video applications between sites
  • Secure data storage
  • Routing policy control

CCS Leeds provide highly secure VPN solutions. UK businesses benefit greatly in both security and reliability using a virtual private network. A managed VPN or dedicated virtual private networks provide connectivity solutions for establishing long distance and/or highly secure network connections. Dedicated virtual private networks provide many advantages in comparison to other connectivity technologies, particularly in regards to wireless local area networks. Companies wishing to provide secure networking infrastructure to its clients will find two main advantages with CCS Leeds VPN solutions, UK network scalability and decreased costs. Some of the ways in which a managed VPN can save money for businesses are by removing the need for expensive long distance leased lines, eliminating support costs and reducing the charges for long distance telephone calls.

Companies looking for managed VPN solutions, may also require business ADSL, SDSL or bonded DSL solutions. Leased lines are also available to provide ongoing and reliable internet connectivity for a managed VPN.

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