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Feature   Pro
Personal contacts, calendars, tasks and notes
*NEW* Comes with ClamAV
Supports third-party real-time antivirus
Supports third-party command-line antivirus
Antispam Measures
*NEW* Whitelisting IPs for Greylisting
*NEW* Greylisting
*NEW* Comes with SpamAssassin
*NEW* Support for Distributed Environments
*NEW* Create custom spam weights
*NEW* Outbound spam checking and blocking
Antispam module included with purchase
Per-user spam weighting and actions
Reverse DNS checks
Bayesian filtering
RBL listing detection
SPF record checking
Advanced domain and user content filtering
Automatic internal spammer detection
*NEW* Supports IMAP IDLE
Support for SMTP 587 submission-only port
RFC compliant SMTP, POP3, and IMAP
Optional alternate SMTP port
SMTP authentication options by domain
Attack Prevention
Manual and automatic IP black/whitelisting
Automatic harvest attack prevention
Automatic denial of service prevention
Malicious script filtering in webmail spacer
Auto-Block IP addresses in RBL lists spacer
*NEW* Specify user password strengths spacer
*NEW* Scheduled email reports spacer
*NEW* Historical reporting spacer
*NEW* Real-time performance dashboard screenshot
Spam configuration from web interface spacer
Statistical logging and reporting spacer
Manage all settings via one URL spacer
Multiple spools (smart spooling) spacer
Domain level content filtering spacer
Current connection monitors spacer
Folder auto-clean to enforce user quotas spacer
Web Interface (Webmail / Administration)
*NEW* Message Status Icons spacer
*NEW* User-level Auto Clean spacer
*NEW* Mutiple skins with live editing spacer
*NEW* AJAX Spell-Check screenshot
*NEW* Implementation in Microsoft .Net 2.0 spacer
*NEW* Address field Auto-Complete screenshot
*NEW* POP Retrieval from external accounts spacer
*NEW* Inbox message preview window screenshot
RSS, RDF, and Atom news feed integration screenshot
Import and export contacts spacer
Save items as drafts spacer
Support for user aliases spacer
Support for domain aliases spacer
List server spacer
Configure sub folders screenshot
Rich text editing screenshot
Mailbox spam filtering spacer
Multi-language capable spacer
Auto signature spacer
HTML email compatible screenshot
Content filtering per mailbox or domain spacer


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