UK broadband is reported to be amongst the worst broadband in Europe - 02/10/07

Reports from Think Tank show that UK broadband services are worse than Slovakia, Poland and Hungary when it comes to broadband in Europe.

UK broadband speeds are among the slowest in Europe according to an independent think tank. From the 23 European nations shown in the study, only six other countries delivered speeds lower than the UK's 2.6 Mbps.

In comparison, top of the broadband speed table, Finland clocks an astonishing 21.7 Mbps (that's 8.3 times faster), something the UK can only dream about. To add injury to insult, Finnish service providers charge approximately half as much as those at home.

This study will come as a blow to the government, who only recently declared it planned to bring the UK up to speed in the hope of saving the UK economy millions of pounds.

Head of broadband at, Jason Lloyd, told that the problem revolves around the century old copper wires still in use by those in Britain, whereas those in developing economies are investing in new fibre-optic technology.

While we at CCS firmly agree with the fact some aging telephony infrastructure should be replaced within the UK, having just run a report of the average synchronisation speed of our users, we are seeing around 4.6 Mbps average. While I am aware we have had to work closely with some users to optimise their internal wiring and in a number of cases supplying and suggesting alternative routers, that is all part of CCS Managed Broadband Service. If you would like more details of our Broadband services or our Managed Broadband Services please take a look or give us a call.

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