Remote Data Backup Service and Offsite Backup Service Prices Slashed - 01/02/09

CCS Leeds introduces a huge reduction in pricing of our remote data backup service and offsite backup service

Today, CCS Leeds had re-vamped the entire pricing of our remote data backup service with immediate effect for all customers, providing a reduction in remote back-up prices.

Mindful of the price conscious environment we are in, and with the benefit of economies of scale of our new huge NAS platforms, CCS has taken the drastic step of slashing our Offsite Backup service by approximately half.

Previously 1Tb of managed remote data backup service would have cost £625+vat per month. We have reduced this to only £325+vat for exactly the same product - Take that competitors! "Compare our price today and I am sure you will find excellent value for money" quoted our Sales Director jeerily this morning pointing towards 30Tb of empty disk space. Go sell quoth he, there is plenty more where that came from. And indeed he is right. With expansion potential to 144Tb within the same chassis, I think we do have space to sell!

We are also including every single one of our Backup Agents and Enhancement Services absolutely free for new customers from the 1st February onwards, including the notoriously complex Microsoft Small Business Server Online Backup Agents.

Check out our remote data backup service package prices and get your data secure Today. For fuller details of the offsite backup service and the benefits to your business please take a look at our Backup Online Services page.

Otherwise, you may contact us via the normal methods, which are listed over on our Contact Page.

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