The Backup MX Service on CCS Leeds Backup Email Servers Is Now Unlimited - 08/01/09

CCS Leeds introduce an Unlimited Backup MX Service on our highly secure backup email servers

Today, CCS Leeds proudly removes the quotas and limits on our Backup MX Service, providing unlimited email backup.

In line with customers' demand, and to ensure one less thing to worry about, CCS Leeds have removed the quota on the Backup MX service on our highly secure backup email servers to provide customers with peace of mind and hassle free email security.

Appreciating business and residential customers alike will have more than enough issues to concern themselves with in the event of a mail service or data service provision, we have decided to make our Backup Email Service products completely unlimited.

This means the previous quotas of One Gigabyte of storage and 100,000 emails plus the Two Gigabyte per month of transfer limits have been scrapped from all products giving peace of mind that should the service be required, it will be there limit free when required.

We have also introduced a FREE Email Anti-Virus service on emails passed via our Backup Email Servers utilising ClamAV to scan for Trojans, Malicious Executables, Spyware and HTML Scripts ensuring unwanted email nasties are kept at bay.

For fuller details of the service and the benefits to your business please take a look at our Backup Email Services page.

Otherwise, you may contact us via the normal methods, which are listed over on our Contact Page.

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