Cheaper Network Services with 15% VAT Reduction on Prices - 01/12/08

Cheaper network services and low price broadband as CCS Leeds reduce their prices in line with VAT Change

Today, CCS Leeds is proud to announce a price reduction across our entire range of services, including cheaper network services and low price broadband solutions.

In the spirit of Gordon Brown and HM Revenue & Customs cut in the rate of Value Added Tax, CCS is pleased to announce we have implemented this across our product range.

As of the 1st December 2008, all of our products will be subject to VAT at the new rate of 15%. This means low price broadband services from 35 pence per month on our Cheap ADSL Services to over 17 pounds per month on a full 8 Amp Co-location rack

While some providers took this as opportunity to increase their exclusive of VAT prices and encompass an extra 2% or so profit margin, we at CCS are fully committed to passing this saving on to our customers as we believe every provider / supermarket / restaurant should.

As such, please be aware that your December bill will be cheaper than the previous ones and if you have made payment arrangements via Standing Order or other fixed value payment method, that you should suspend these payments until you receive your new invoice to ensure you do not over pay the bill.

Any customers paying via credit / debit card, or via Direct Debit will have their billing amended automatically.

As I am sure you will appreciate we will have a lot of billing queries this month, and we would appreciate your patience in response. However please rest assured we will address every query just as soon as possible and I thank you for your patience at this busy time.

You may contact us via the normal methods, which are listed over on our Contact Page.

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