CCS Leeds Online Tutorials - 01/02/08

Free online tutorials from CCS Leeds!

Support should be simple and answer your queries easily without hassle. With online support becoming more and more automated, sometimes information is made complicated and can be harder to understand than the issue you want to resolve. At CCS Leeds we want to provide the highest level of support, with both human interaction and using the latest online solutions available. So along with our open contact for support and FAQ's pages, we have developed free online tutorials so you can simply open a page and watch the footage for a fast solution.

Currently our online tutorials include email guides and web host tutorials for HELM and Smartermail, with additional detailed information about changing your web host, using FTP software and setting up an email account.

Web Host Tutorial - HELM

HELM is a highly sophisticated hosting tool, providing high performance and secure web hosting for both individuals and reseller web hosts. Our tutorials will guide you through every part of using the HELM system, from the most basic user information to the most advanced.

Email Guides - Smartermail

Smartermail offers innovative webmail solutions and is highly flexible for all kinds of media. Offering an array of email services (tasks, address book, calendar) the Smartermail email system can be accessed remotely using most online devices (PDAs, Laptops, Mobile phones), meaning you can keep up to date with you business from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. Our Smartermail tutorials will guide you through every step in using and setting up your email accounts, with easy to use flash footage of every action.

FTP, Changing Your Web Host and Setting Up an Email Account

CCS Leeds are also providing free online tutorials for using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), changing your DNS or web host and about how to set up an email account. These tutorials provide information on all major companies and brands in these areas, so no matter which email you have, or web host, or FTP software, there will be a tutorial about how to use it in our tutorial archives.

View our free online tutorials, find out more about web hosting and webmail solutions, or contact CCS Leeds for further information.

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