Cheap SDSL Deals on SDSL Lines in the UK - 01/01/08

Cheap SDSL deals on SDSL Lines all year round!

Due to so many customers finding our Christmas special offers ideal for their online business connectivity, CCS Leeds have decided to offer cheap SDSL deals all year round. On selected SDSL packages free setup and half price setup are available all year round, providing easy and cost-effective installation of SDSL lines for resilient business internet connections.

Far superior to regular ADSL, SDSL lines offer a fast and resilient business internet connection. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines) are the most common types of DSL line available in the UK and offer a low upstream speed. Business SDSL lines provide a highly resilient connection, which is up to 2Mb/s both upstream and downstream, and offers a low 10:1 contention ratio making the service robust during periods of high network demand.

To find out more about cheap SDSL deals please visit our Cheap SDSL page, or contact CCS Leeds for further information.

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