MPLS | Architecture

One secure network for your staff and sites.

Online, security is of the upmost importance when it comes to the internet. With today's devices, you can be online anytime and anywhere, but most networks aren't secure. With a virtual private network that runs on MPLS architecture, you can keep everything you need in one secure place.

Benefits of MPLS Network Services

Also called IPVPN, MPLS provides you with your own private network to run your video, voice or data under a single infrastructure. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • A wide variety of access options are available
  • Combine all your sites into a single network
  • Secure, nationwide networking
  • Flexible nationwide access
  • Traffic prioritisation with MPLS technology
  • 24/7 Fully managed services

MPLS architecture provides a highly secure virtual private network that you can access through a private IP without worrying about your privacy or security. You can also combine all your sites into one secure location that is easy for you and your staff access.

MPLS architecture (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is a private IP VPN, which means you have a virtual private network under a private IP address that combines the flexible any-to-any communication found on PSTN or the Internet with the reliability, quality and security delivered via Private Line, Frame Relay or ATM services.

MPLS network services offer differentiated performance levels and prioritisation of delay and non-delay sensitive traffic as well as voice and multimedia applications - all on a single network. A range of management options are available including supply and management of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), providing a fully managed solution. Alternatively unmanaged options are also available to provide companies with the flexibility to manage their own CPE.

Why choose CCS Leeds

We build and manage WAN's (Wide Area Networks) for a number of large UK enterprises and corporations in the Banking, Manufacturing and Airline sectors using MPLS architecture technologies.

Optimising an IP VPN Service can be challenging. Matching applications with the class of service requirements, defining and optimising the routing protocol architecture, migrating from Data Networks and troubleshooting inter-working problems can all add to the complexity.

CCS Leeds can assist customers with its extensive in-depth expertise in MPLS VPNs and IP VPN Class of Service. We can offer customers pre implementation design guidance, migration planning and detailed service specification.

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High quality MPLS architecture from CCS Leeds with our multi-protocol label switching services.