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Low cost, high speed connectivity

Upgrading your company network can be problematic because you need it to be both cost-effective and scalable to suit the growth of your company. With our metro ethernet service, you use a metropolitan area network (MAN), which means that your internet service has higher bandwidth, higher security and many of the benefits of a leased line without going over your budget.

Benefits of Metro Ethernet

A metro ethernet service provides your company with a scalable ethernet service to suit your needs. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Cost-effective connectivity
  • Local and nationwide access
  • A low cost alternative to leased lines
  • Connect LANs and WANs into one network
  • Flexible service to suit your needs
  • Higher bandwidth
  • A fast and secure network

A metro ethernet service with VPN ensures that your networks all operate as one, providing a greater opportunity for productivity and collaboration across your organisation. You can run data, voice and video between sites, enabling you and your staff to easily share information. With the same upstream and downstream speeds, there are no limits on how much of your bandwidth you use, which means that your company runs smoothly and always remains connected.

CCS Leeds are a UK ISP, providing cost-effective metro ethernet services that provide secure and reliable internet access to your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because metro ethernet is completely flexible, it’s ready to grow with your business.

Our metro interconnect technology provides an ideal solution for mid-tier and small businesses, creating an ideal metropolitan area network (MAN), which will propel your company past the T1/E1 bandwidth bottleneck, while supporting your converged infrastructure.

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Metro Ethernet services from CCS Leeds provide professional connectivity at low prices.