Managed Exchange Hosting

CCS Leeds managed exchange hosting services are hosted on secure UK servers, providing access to your business from anywhere in the world. Dedicated exchange server hosting ensures access to email, tasks, files and contacts through any device connected to the internet.

managed exchange hosting

Dedicated Hosted Exchange

Dedicated exchange server hosting provides access to the hosted exchange server from anywhere in the world. Simply open a web browser and use Outlook Web Access and all the data you send and receive will be stored.

Our managed exchange hosting services store your company data in a central location on our exchange servers. Then your Outlook email client synchronises with the server when you are online and when you are not online it caches everything for the next time you are.

Using managed exchange hosting services on a BlackBerry or Treo Wireless device, means the exchange server will forward email to your handheld device as well as tasks, contacts and to-do lists. Your handheld device is synchronised with the server so when you add a new contact to your device and it is added to the dedicated Exchange server. This kind of managed Exchange hosting service removes the need to leave a computer running in your office or set up complicated email forwarding, as it is all done by the exchange server remotely.

For Windows Mobile PDAs and smartphones, Windows ActiveSync does a similar process, by synchronising the devices with wifi or cellular access with the data in the Exchange server.


Take your business anywhere with CCS Leeds Managed exchange hosting solutions