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Voice over IP emergency calls - About VoIP 999


CCS Leeds voice over IP emergency calls are intended to support UK 999 Emergency Service access from its service. When the access is granted for 999 emergency calls to a VoIP broadband phone, the calls with be made at no charge. However, please note 999 emergency access is not yet guaranteed on CCS Leeds voice over IP service. This means that there is a possibility that the 999 service cannot be accessed from CCS Leeds service, using a VoIP broadband phone.


Please note VoIP service is dependent on power and Internet availability and therefore you are not able to make/receive calls under the circumstances below:


1.  When there is no power - Unlike traditional telephony service (such as PSTN) which does not rely on power to supply the service, a VoIP service is dependent on the devices (such as PC, ATAs or a VoIP broadband phone) which require power supply. A VoIP service would stop working (and therefore emergency service cannot be accessed) if the power fails.


2.  When there is no Internet access - A VoIP service fails when the Internet service fails.


It is essential that you advise customers regarding the possible 999 emergency call failure on CCS Leeds VoIP service. It is strongly recommended that your customers have an alternative method of making emergency calls (such as PSTN or mobile) and have such alternative calling methods available on the premises where VoIP is installed.


112 Emergency service is not accessible from CCS Leeds VoIP service.