Custom Voice over IP Solutions

In addition to hosted VoIP in the UK, CCS Leeds can also provide a number of other technologies which take advantage of all the features and benefits associated with VoIP.

ISDN Adapter

Many people appreciate the benefits of using VoIP in terms of amongst many things the cost savings involved. However, if they have a fully functional traditional PBX system that has been invested in heavily over the years then it is generally felt or perceived that it would prove to be far too expensive an exercise to invest in a brand new VoIP telephone system. The best way to illustrate this it to take a real life example;

A company has a legacy telephone system with 100 extensions and 30 channels of ISDN30. Each channel costs £12 per month which means that the total monthly cost before any call charges is £360. Each channel provides the ability to make or receive a telephone call.

Our VoIP trunk lines which are the equivalent to one channel of ISDN30 cost £2 per channel per month. So, when we compare like for like the VoIP solution cost £60 per month as opposed to £360 which, when you add it up is a massive saving of £3,600 in the first year.
We can provide a cost effective solution to this which means that with a piece of hardware we can still provide VoIP trunk lines to a traditional telephone system without having to change any of the hardware. The hardware that we can supply sits between an ISDN30 line and the telephone system whilst also being connected to the internet. This means that outbound calls can be router to either the ISDN30 lines or the VoIP lines. It also means that you can cut down on the ISDN30 line rental costs and take advantage of the cost savings associated with VoIP. Here is an example of how this works;

ISDN to Voip Adapter

VoIP Server Solutions

Many voice over IP solutions are packaged and only provide services to a set amount of users. At CCS Leeds we recognise the need for flexible VoIP services, to ensure your company receives a VoIP server that will not only easily accommodate your current needs, but will also provide flexible voice over IP solutions for the future growth of the company.

Many companies benefit from a managed voice over IP system, those with a rapid influx of staff or those re-locating to new premises. For more information on the perfect voice over IP solution for your company, please contact CCS Leeds today.

Cost-effective voice over IP solutions from CCS Leeds