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UK Data centres from CCS Leeds provide dedicated server hosting on secure, high availability networks with multiple ISP connectivity and hardware redundancy on every level. Monitored 24/7 by our technical support staff we can offer a minimum 99.95% network connectivity guarantee.

From simple web hosting management to multi-site clusters, our infrastructure is designed to meet the stringent requirements for the most mission critical servers. All our clients benefit from the same high-level network infrastructure including firewall security. Differing levels of support are available with our hosting solutions to suit our customer's needs.

Leeds Data Centre

CCS Leeds offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of Yorkshire collocation solutions available on the market today. By hosting a business server at the CCS Leeds network operations centre (NOC), customers reduce the risk of data loss and increase security.

Hosting solutions from CCS Leeds allow companies to take advantage of a complete range of services from e-commerce, disaster recovery, data backup and data sharing whilst safe in the knowledge that their hosted environment is the best place possible in a CCS Leeds data centre.

Leeds Data Centre: The Leeds Seven Data Centre

The primary CCS Leeds data-centre is a purpose built, fully secure site with walls three-feet thick incorporating a full Faraday cage that stops electromagnetic interferences. Entrances to the data centre are protected by double 'airlock' access doors and a sophisticated security system. The core services and collocation areas are located in a fully-air conditioned environment with under-floor and dedicated dual cable and fibre runs throughout the data suit. All networking is resilient, utilising hot standby switching and routing. The core network consists of Cisco equipment, including load balancing with switching from layers four to seven.

A three-phase backup generator is located on the second floor of the Leeds data centre for security and constantly monitors for a power failure eventuality whereupon it will automatically fail-over. Leeds Seven benefits from two 1Gb/s SDH Drop Mux circuits delivered via diverse ducts to east and west Leeds Kingston Communications nodes and backup connections via NTL/Telewest and Thus. The primary circuits to Kingston run over their own infrastructure. NTL/Telewest is delivered from an in-house carrier cabinet. The resilient link to Thus runs over BT Fibre.

This ensures the CCS Leeds data centre remains carrier independent. CCS Leeds operate our own AS number and BGP, again ensuring carrier independence, we can connect to any point on the internet at any time. In the unlikely event of failure on either Kingston, NTL/Telewest or Thus, traffic would be re-routed over the live connections. Currently traffic flows over all the connections, as it takes the shortest route first. Power in the data centre is provided by a 350KVA 3 phase supply.

This supply is backed up by diesel generator above ground level. The mains supply is backed up by 3x3 phase APC UPS'. The UPS is configured to supplying up to 30mins backup before the generator is required. The switch infrastructure is isolated from the air conditioning so all air conditioning runs independent of the clean supply for the collocated equipment. The above infrastructure ensures that CCS Leeds is able to provide piece of mind by delivering a stable, high availability service - backed up by industry leading SLAs (service level agreements).

UK Data Centres - Features:

CCS Leeds data centres all are equipped as standard with the following features:

Leeds data centre   Power
Electricity supply is afforded via 1.No fully rated high voltage supply terminating within a dedicated switch room.

Leeds data centre   Standby Power
Standby power to the site is provided via a diesel standby generator combined with a static UPS system with battery autonomy of a minimum 5 minutes to provide back up until the generator starts and takes up the load.

The static UPS equipment is provided within an internal plant room.

Diesel fuel is contained in a bulk fuel storage tank, located within the generator enclosure with sufficient capacity to allow the generators to operate continuously at full load for 48 hours. A contract for extended fuel delivery is in place ensuring continuity of supply in the event of an extended utility power failure.

Leeds data centre   Final Distribution
Power distribution to equipment racks, including DC rectifier/distribution boards, is afforded via local free standing Power Distribution Units (PDU's). These in turn feed equipment racks via suitable rated individual radial circuits.

Dual circuits may be provided to individual racks if required.

Fire Detection/Suppression

Leeds data centre   Detection
A comprehensive automatic fire detection and alarm system is provided in accordance with BS5839 and BS6266.

The system is configured to provide detection within the room space and floor and ceiling voids.

Early warning of incipient fire is provided via view detection system.

Selected levels of fire detection are transmitted from the building fire alarm panel to the remote monitoring centre.

Leeds data centre   Suppression
Gas suppression has been provided to some areas in our data facilities.

Leeds data centre   Security and CCTV Systems
Security systems are provided comprising an integrated CCTV, access control and intruder detection system, complying with relevant NACOSS, British Standards and the Data Protection ACT 1998 - Code of Practice for CCTV Installations.

The security systems are networked and capable of being monitored from a remote control site equipped with suitable server equipment via a WAN transmission link.

The existing access control systems are Group L Multimex 625 Enterprise Integrated Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System.

The CCTV system comprises colour external and internal cameras providing video back to the site recording system.

Leeds data centre   Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting is installed for means of escape to the requirements of BS 5266, including external emergency exits.

Leeds data centre   UPS/Battery Room
The UPS/battery room forms part of the technical space albeit segregated by a wire mesh cage. All cooling is provided via the technical space ACU's on N+1 basis.

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CCS Leeds data centres offer a range of bespoke hosting solutions for any size business, with resilient and reliable data storage in a variety of locations throughout the UK. For more information about our UK data centres, the Leeds data centre or UK data storage solutions, simply contact us online today.

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