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CCS Leeds provide a range of free email tutorials online, the SmarterMail tutorials below offer an easy to use guide to using SmarterMail 5 and getting the best out of it's many features. SmarterMail is a web-based email system which offers high quality emailing from any computer anywhere in the world and can also be used on a variety of mobile devices, so you can access your email, contacts and tasks while on the move. For more information on SmarterMail, please visit our webmail hosting section.

SmarterMail 5 Tutorial - Webmail Tutorials

The SmarterMail tutorial will guide you through every function in the system, providing in-depth knowledge on using SmarterMail 5. CCS Leeds webmail tutorials are free email tutorials provided to offer detailed information on using the SmarterMail web-based email system.

CCS Leeds also provide high quality webmail hosting services for those who wish to access their email easily while on the move. If you have problems using this tutorial you may need to install flash macromedia player, this software is free and available online. Please select the tutorial you wish to view from the list below to access the relevant SmarterMail tutorial:

First time users may wish to start with Logging into SmarterMail 5

smartermail tutorial Create an autoresponder
smartermail tutorial Content filtering
smartermail tutorial Create calendar entries
smartermail tutorial Create contacts
smartermail tutorial Create folders

free email tutorials Create RSS feed
free email tutorials Create Tasks
free email tutorials How to login
free email tutorials How to open an email
free email tutorials Read RSS feeds

webmail tutorial Viewing email reports
webmail tutorial Change your settings
webmail tutorial Setup spam filtering
webmail tutorial Setup trusted senders
webmail tutorial Write an email message

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