SIP Trunks

CCS Leeds are a SIP trunk provider, offering high quality session initiation protocol services. We provide SIP trunks and UK SIP channels to businesses that can see the benefit of VoIP technology. Our line rentals and call rate plans are some of the most competitive in the UK that could save your business a small fortune if your business makes a lot of telephone calls.

Our SIP trunk lines and services are ideal for businesses that already have a VoIP enabled telephone system but even those who don't can still take advantage of the cost savings if they use our ISDN adapter which can convert a traditional PBX so that it can have ISDN and SIP trunk lines.

SIP trunks deliver high quality audio calls and they use the internet as opposed to traditional physical telephone lines.

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP stands for "Session Initiation Protocol" and a SIP trunk is very much like a standard telephone line or a channel of ISDN2 or 30 in so much as you can make and receive a telephone call. SIP can and has been used to transmit other forms of data such as video too for low cost media streaming.

Who needs UK SIP Channels?

Businesses that have high outbound call volumes and a large number of physical lines will benefit from having SIP trunks. Also small businesses and start-ups who would prefer to avoid the expensive installation and on-going costs of traditional physical lines. Companies, public bodies or other organisations that require;

SIP Trunks Lower line rental (up to 90% savings)
uk sip channels Cheaper calls to mobile networks
SIP Trunks Reduced rates to local and national destinations
SIP Trunk provider Highly competitive international rates
SIP Trunk A UK based Helpdesk which is manned 24/7, 365 days a year.


Product Quantity Setup Price(+vat)
Residential / Small Business
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
SIP Trunk Line 1 - 20 £Free £2.50
SIP Trunk Line 21 - 50 £Free £2.00
SME / Corporate
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
SIP Trunk Line 51 - 100 £Free £1.50
SIP Trunk Line 100+ £Free £1.00

Call Rates:

Destination Connection PPM PPM
UK Calls
Off Peak
Local £0.01 £0.0075 £0.00375
National £0.01 £0.0075 £0.00375
Mobile (Orange) £0.01 £0.04875 £0.04875
Mobile (O2) £0.01 £0.04875 £0.04875
Mobile (Vodafone) £0.01 £0.04875 £0.04875
Mobile (T-Mobile) £0.01 £0.04875 £0.04875
Off Peak
Ireland £0.01 £0.0072 £0.00615
Netherlands £0.01 £0.0123 £0.0123
USA £0.01 £0.0072 £0.0072
France £0.01 £0.0075 £0.0075
Spain £0.01 £0.0105 £0.0105
Italy £0.01 £0.0108 £0.0108
Portugal £0.01 £0.0108 £0.0108
Germany £0.01 £0.0111 £0.0096
Australia £0.01 £0.015 £0.015
Canada £0.01 £0.00285 £0.00285


The above pricing is just a small sample of our SIP call rates. We can also provide additional discounts for bulk quantities of minutes. All pricing will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. For a comprehensive quotation, please utilise "Contact Us Online" above, or click here.


SIP trunks and UK SIP channels from a leading SIP trunk provider, CCS Leeds.