Broadband Phones and Residential VoIP Providers

CCS Leeds are residential VoIP providers in the UK offering the best services in broadband phones. A broadband phone is a fantastic way of having all the features of a fully functional PBX telephone system without any of the associated costs, and can drastically reduce your monthly outgoings when compared to those associated with a traditional land line. By switching to our residential VoIP system all you need is an active internet connection to start taking advantage of cheaper calls and many new and exciting features.

As residential VoIP providers we can offer the benefit of cheaper calls, but that's not all. Our standard package also includes voicemail, voicemail to email, call forwarding and much more.

Hosted VoIP uses "Cloud" technology which means that your VoIP extensions will work anywhere that has an internet connection which means that you can take your phone with you wherever you go and still be reachable. Or, you can simply divert calls to a mobile number if you're away or out of the country.

What is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol which means that instead of using fixed physical telephone lines to make calls, you use the internet instead. The internet has come a long way in recent years and it's creating even more opportunities for forward-thinking businesses. Voice Over IP (VoIP) services and broadband phones are the latest example. They allow you to make calls over your broadband line which are often significantly cheaper than traditional phone lines.

How do broadband phones work?

Broadband phones connect to your broadband line via a VoIP phone handset or software. Our residential VoIP service is very simple to set up and use. We create an extension account for you which in turn creates some unique registration details to include a username, extension number and a complex authentication password. We can either supply a phone or you can use a soft phone. A soft phone is a piece of software which you download and install on your home computer and is very similar to Skype. You then use either a headset and microphone (connected to your computer) or USB telephones to talk to the person you are calling. There are many free soft phones available, most notably X-Lite or 3CX.

You will have access to an online portal so that you can configure your own settings or you can leave all of that to us and we will pre-configure everything for you.

Home Voip Phone

Broadband Phones and Residential VoIP - Key Features

residential voip Lower cost call rates to landlines, mobile networks and international destinations
residential voip No need for physical line rental
residential voip Low bandwidth usage per call
residential voip The ability to record calls
residential voip The are many smartphone applications which support extension accounts so no need to buy expensive hardware
residential voip Users can log in from anywhere with an internet connection
residential voip Online reporting, monitoring and configuration via our portal
residential voip Secure registration locked down to IP address or IP range
residential voip Flexible minimum contract terms
residential voip CCS Leeds offers Worldwide Broadband Leased Lines
residential voip Discounts available on 2-5 year contracts


Product Quantity Setup Price(+vat)
Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
VoIP Extension + DDi Trunk 1 £10 £5


The above pricing includes and extension account, VoIP trunk line and direct dial geographic telephone number. Other services such as conference rooms, call recording, fax to email are also available for an additional charge. Please contact us for further details. The above pricing is based on a 12 month minimum contract term, other options may be available.. All pricing will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. For a comprehensive quotation, please utilise "Contact Us Online" above, or click here.

Broadband phones from a leading residential VoIP provider; CCS Leeds.