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Take your family on an online adventure

The internet gives us all something that we love, and when you live in a busy household it can be difficult to ensure everyone has the bandwidth they need. Give your family the freedom to go online whenever they want today with high bandwidth home broadband from CCS Leeds.

Fast internet doesn't have to break the bank

Nowadays, the internet offers so much more than ever before. With mobile technology and a wide range of online resources, you can keep in touch with the people you love and explore new worlds, but it doesn't have to cost the Earth. Family 30 can provide reliable internet to even the busiest household at low prices.

Family 30 only £18.99 inc VAT per month!

High-bandwidth home broadband and low price residential ADSL.
Including speeds of up to 24Mb/s and 30GB monthly bandwidth.

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Try a high bandwidth home broadband from CCS Leeds

Low Price Residential ADSL from CCS Leeds

CCS Leeds low price residential ADSL service gives you the maximum speed possible on your line, up to 24Mb.* This service includes a high bandwidth allowance in the price with separate top-up allowances available.

Use your internet the way you want to without restrictions.

Port blocking is something that many ISP's use to limit the speed on certain online activities. At CCS Leeds, we do not block or control the way you use your internet. We provide high-speed broadband with no hidden restrictions.

At CCS Leeds you can run residential mail servers and web servers via your broadband connection.

With a minimum contract of only one month, there is nothing tying about using our services. You can opt out of the package you have chosen at anytime after the first month. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your account, you can do so at any time.

If you reach the limits of your monthly allowance, top-ups are available in a choice of bandwidth options ranging from 10Gig to 25Gig and have no expiry date.

Top-ups to your peak allowance are available at 10Gig for £10+VAT and 25Gig for £20+VAT.

Upon consumption of the full monthly allowance, and any remaining top-up purchased, the connection will be rate limited to 128Kbps.

Free migration and reduced setup fees of only £48 inc VAT!

If you want to migrate from your current broadband provider, you can do so free of charge with a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC). There is a BT imposed re-connection fee of £40.00+VAT (£48) on "un-bundled" or "LLU" broadband services. If you have never had broadband before then there is a reduced £40.00+VAT (£48) setup charge.

Note: * factors such as BT Exchange Equipment and the line quality and distance from your Exchange determine the speed you receive.

High-bandwidth home broadband and low price residential adsl from CCS Leeds