Online File Hosting: Features

Main features

Online file hosting from CCS Leeds provides secure and reliable hosting solutions with a top UK file host. For the very best of online file hosting, explore the features listed below:

FileMan has many advanced file hosting features that give users and administrators a high degree of control. Check out the list below, and make sure to take a look at the links that contain screenshots of FileMan in action.

Highly configurable
Web-based admin pages for Group and User settings, powerful global settings, Supports UNC paths
Support for multiple RootFolders: configurable for each rootfolder (Display name, Disk quota, Read-only)
Allow users to access their files from anywhere on the web, inter- or intranet! Allow users to subscribe themselves with an email address.
Windows NT and Windows 2000 integration. Support for NTLM Authentication, specify what NT users or groups can access FileMan through NTFS permissions, use your existing NT accounts to give users access to the NT home drive defined in their profile!
FileMan Groups: define groups of users with similar settings and permissions, simplifying administration. Set users as group admin (manage members and group settings)
Language support for the end user interface: BR, CA, CN, DE, DK, ES, FR, GR, IT, NL, NO, PT, RU, SE, TH, TR, TW, US
Site integration: Integrate FM security on your pages with a simple include statement, Define a Start Page where Group users are taken after login
Security: IP blocking, Hide items by name, Hide Read-only & System items, Extensive logging (optionally to a database), Save passwords encrypted
Scalable multi-user system using an MS Access or SQL database. Use 1000's of users in a SQL setup!
Advanced user functions
View and manage files and folders, Right click context menu, Smart file select
Show extended file info from context menu (Author, Comments, Version, etc.)
Efficient PureASP Up- and download without additional controls (<50MB), or use the robust control incuded in the full version for files up to 2GB (fast, efficient, low memory usage). Also supports: ABCUpload, ASPUpload and SA-FileUp
One-click "Zip &Download"
Users have their own Recycle Bin
Zip support: Zip/Unzip files, View the contents of archives, extract individual files, Create self-extracting archives, Add password protection (control incuded)!
Edit text files, with HTML wysiwyg editor (IE only)
Create and delete files and folders
File encryption: Basic XOR (free version), or strong AES encryption with the option to create stand-alone self-decrypting files (full version)
"Send to any folder", similar to the Powertoys tool.
Save URL to file: enter a web URL and save it directly to your webfolder
Improved Send files by email as attachments or links (support for Jmail, CDONTSand ASPMail), Publish files as public download
Add a file description to any file: useful for descriptions, instructions of use, comments, etc.
Map and remove network drives
Smart copy and move items
View and edit plain text files, find text strings in them
View, edit and compact MS Access databases
Find items in folder and subfolders
Rename one or multiple items with variables for AutoNumbering, Date/time and a Replace function
View and edit basic NTFS permissions, View and change file attributes
Define user Disk Quota and monthly bandwith limits

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