High speed and low cost broadband connectivity

Slow internet can cause delays in your daily business activities, which in turn can cost you time and money in production and communication. You can speed up your internet up to eight times faster while keeping within your budget if you use MLPPP. Multilink PPP is a protocol that creates bonded internet connections, which means you can run two modems, routers or internet lines together to increase your overall internet speed without breaking your budget.

MLPPP and Bonded Internet Options

Here is a selection of internet connections that can be bonded via our MLPPP solutions:

  • ADSL
  • SDSL
  • Fibre Broadband
  • Ethernet First Mile
  • Cable
  • Leased Lines

CCS Leeds offers a full range of bonded internet solutions, including MLPPP, bonded ADSL and managed bonded SDSL in the UK. These services help in providing an extra layer of resilience to your corporate internet connection as well as faster speeds, load balancing and failover for both downloads and uploads.

Our managed bonded SDSL and bonded ADSL packages are fully managed with a client portal so that you can control all aspects of how the bonding service works such as line priority, bandwidth allocation, NAT, DHCP, static routing and so much more.

MLPPP, Multilink and Managed Bonded SDSL with Multiple Internet Service Providers

Unlike many bonded internet solutions, our product allows you to bond multiple ISP's. These can be a mixture of ADSL, SDSL, Cable, Ethernet First Mile (EFM) and even fibre based leased lines.

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CCS Leeds offer a range of services, including high-speed, cost-effective MLPPP services and managed bonded SDSL and ADSL lines to suit your needs. To find out more about our services or to get a quote, click the button or call: (0)113 294 66 99.

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