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VoIP Phones and Voice Over IP Equipment: Elmeg IP290

Elmeg IP290

VoIP phones for standard SIP connection

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With the new Elmeg IP290 stand-alone device you will enter the age of Internet telephony. The top quality and innovative Elmeg IP290 satisfies all modern business requirements: an internal phone book with 100 entries, call holding/transfer, integrated music on hold, call forwarding, completion of call to busy subscriber, lists for accepted and missed calls, and the display of calls in the waiting queue provide for comprehensive business telephony functions with Voice over IP (VoIP).

Based on the SIP standard, the Elmeg IP290 can be used with software, such as the Microsoft Messenger, and with standardised devices. The RFC 3261-compatible SIP stack ensures optimum compatibility with many adapters and VoIP routers currently offered in the market.

Two Ethernet ports supporting VLAN permit the direct connection of the Elmeg IP290 to a PC - you only require one LAN port for the PC and the IP telephone.

Voip Phones - Elmeg IP290

Elmeg IP290 801



8.00 delivery charge
Excluding VAT
  • Weight 1.00 Kgs
  • Call forwarding
  • Internal phone book
  • Stand alone internet telephony
  • Call waiting