Custom Internet Solutions and Bespoke Network Services

As each business is unique and therefore requires specific internet connection and services to suit the type of business, CCS Leeds provide a vast range of custom internet solutions and bespoke network services in the UK. Many web hosting and internet services available in the UK are packaged to suit a type of customer. At CCS Leeds, we recognise that not all companies want the same service and more often than not, end up paying for extra services that they rarely use. We provide a range of bespoke network services to fit with your company, so you can choose which products you require, without paying for the ones you don't need

Leased Lines and Broadband Solutions

Custom internet solutions from CCS Leeds include a wide range of internet connection options. These range from a low cost ADSL or Bonded ADSL, providing reliable internet connectivity and secure internet solutions, to SDSL or Bonded SDSL fast internet access for large corporations, servicing thousands of users on a daily basis.

High Speed Internet Provider

With a wide range of custom internet solutions available, CCS Leeds offer bespoke services for a range of sectors, including hotels, internet cafes and universities. Your company or organisation can even become a high speed internet provider with wireless hotspots from CCS Leeds, offering reliable and secure wireless internet connections to thousands of users.

Other Custom Internet Solutions

CCS Leeds also provide a wide range of hosting and web hosting services, custom made to fit the needs of your business, providing secure servers you will be able to access from anywhere in the world.

With a high level of security on all of our products, we also provide disaster recovery, business continuity, managed firewalls and IP CCTV security services.

Customised online marketing and design services at CCS Leeds are also available, using the latest technology in SEO solutions and providing bespoke design services for web sites and a range of PR publications.

All CCS Leeds custom internet solutions include regular consultation about services or products and are completely flexible to suit your company.


Choose the services to suit you with CCS Leeds custom internet solutions.