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Expand your company with higher bandwidth

As companies grow larger, the need for more resilient internet connections become vital in the day-to-day running of the business. Whether it's a busy office with multiple simultaneous connections or a company on the move with multiple devices connecting to the internet, a high bandwidth is the key to ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Expand your company online without any worries with Business 200.

Flexible internet solutions at low prices

Different companies have different needs for their broadband/DSL service. With fast UK LLU broadband from CCS Leeds your internet service can be customised to suit the needs of your business, providing reliable and secure internet connectivity at all times. Why pay for services you don't need? Expand your company's online activity with a flexible internet service.

Business 200 only £21.50 + VAT per month!

Flexible broadband, DSL service and fast LLU broadband at low prices.
Including speeds of up to 20Mb/s and 200GB monthly bandwidth.

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Try fast LLU broadband from CCS Leeds

Fast LLU Broadband - DSL Service from CCS Leeds

CCS Leeds fast LLU broadband is an ideal solution for a small or medium business broadband DSL service, giving you the maximum speed possible on your line of up to 20Mb*. This service includes a high bandwidth allowance in the price of 200GB per month with no time of day restrictions or other restrictions on usage.

Fast LLU Broadband with No Restrictions

With broadband DSL service from CCS Leeds, we can optimise your internet line so that you receive the highest level of service at the lowest prices. Many broadband providers use port blocking to limit speed on certain online activities, which will slow down the day-to-day running of your company. We do not block or control the way you use your internet, providing fast LLU broadband access with no hidden restrictions. You can run your own mail servers, web servers and remote backups without any restrictions.

With a flexible service that can be bespoke to your company's needs, we can guarantee bandwidth with our low and uncontended ADSL packages at LLU Broadband

Our minimum contract is only three months on this fast LLU broadband package, so you can opt out of the package you have chosen at any time after the third month. Customers who wish to upgrade their account with CCS Leeds may do so at any time, and downgrades are available after just three months on this package if required.

If you use up your download allowance, then you will receive an email alert. If this happens on a regular basis, then we will be in touch to discuss upgrading your account.

Reduced setup fees of only £45.16 plus vat!

Note: * Factors such as BT Exchange Equipment, the line quality and distance from your exchange will determine the speed you receive.

Broadband DSL service with fast LLU broadband from CCS Leeds