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Cut out the middle-man for low price broadband

Most UK broadband services are tied to the BT network, meaning that they can't be offered at cheaper rates using their full potential. With LLU broadband, your ISP can access your line and provide cheaper broadband that is customised to suit your usage. Why not cut out the middle-man and get the perfect broadband for you at cheaper prices?

Access the internet without it costing more

LLU broadband from CCS Leeds offers the latest technology in DSL internet services, using their own expertise to increase bandwidth and speeds without increasing the cost of your UK internet service. Speed up your online activity without any worry over the costs.

Business 40 only £13.50 + VAT per month!

Fast DSL internet service with LLU broadband at low prices.
Including speeds of up to 12Mb/s and 40GB monthly bandwidth.

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Try a cheap DSL internet service from CCS Leeds

Low cost DSL Internet Service with LLU Broadband

CCS Leeds DSL internet service gives you the maximum speed possible on your line – up to 12Mbp/s*. This service includes a bandwidth allowance in the price of 40GB per month, with no time based restrictions.

Unrestricted LLU Broadband

LLU broadband from CCS Leeds is completely unrestricted and allows users to use their internet the way they want to. Unlike many broadband providers, who use port blocking to limit speed on certain online activities, we do not block or control the way you use your DSL internet service and provide fast LLU broadband access with no hidden restrictions. However, bandwidth is a finite resource and at times. Due to the contended nature of the service, you may experience below the maximum quoted speed. If guaranteed bandwidth is of the utmost importance and critical to the business, please take a look at our low price and uncontended ADSL packages at Uncontended LLU Broadband

Our customers are free to run their web servers, mail servers and remote backups on their LLU broadband connection, providing the most flexible solutions to their internet service.

With a minimum contract of only three months on this package, you can opt out of the package you have chosen at any time after the third month. If you want to upgrade your account with us, you can do so at any time. Downgrades are also available after just three months on this package if required.

If you exceed your download allowance, then you will receive an email alert. If this happens on a regular basis, then we will be in touch to discuss upgrading your account.

Reduced setup fees of only £45.16 plus VAT

Note: * Factors such as BT Exchange Equipment, the line quality and distance from your exchange will determine the speed you receive.

Try a DSL internet service with LLU broadband from CCS Leeds