Search Engine Marketing Service

Search engine marketing services from CCS Leeds offer high visibility in all major UK search engines, including Google, Yahoo and MSN. Alongside side that, we also provide consumer-friendly content, design and graphics from experts in editing, graphic design and web design.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or SEO is creating or modifying an existing website to improve its visibility in the search engines, therefore generating more visitors to the website and more online sales.

Internet Marketing - SEO Services

Internet marketing and SEO services are created to suit your company, as different sectors require unique marketing strategies to attract the right customers. We want to attract the visitors who are looking for your products, to provide the highest conversion of visitors into customers, so we will consult with you regularly to ensure you are attracting the customers you want on your website.

Web Site Promotion - Internet Marketing Services:

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search engine marketing Keyword Research
search engine marketing Link Building
search engine marketing De-duplication
search engine marketing Ranking Reports
search engine marketing Optimisation Services

Search Engine Compatibility

Find out if your website is compatible with the major search engines. if it isn't, then only people who know the URL will be able to find your company online. Many company websites become lost in the internet due to non-SEO friendly web design. So at CCS Leeds we provide a consultancy service to determine website compatibility and offer advice on the changes you may need to make.

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Keyword Research

Search engines are created to provide websites that match the keywords the searcher has looked for. So a large part of SEO is to research the top keywords in your company sector, choosing the most relevant keywords that have a high volume of searchers and low volume of competitors.

CCS Leeds provides custom services to suit your website promotion and internet marketing needs. We offer both full search engine marketing services and one off keyword research services, depending on your requirements. We also offer consulting services to keep your marketing department up to date on the latest SEO trends.

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Link Building

Link building is a search engine marketing service that provides a boost in search engines for relevant keywords. If your website is already search engine compatible and has the best keywords in place, we can provide quality link building services from high ranking sources to boost your website rank. Google is the largest search engine on the internet and relies on valid, high-quality website backlinks as one of the main factors to choose your website ranking position. If you want to be in the top results in Google, you will need the right links to achieve it.


Many websites use the same copy over and over again, which is not compatible with the major search engines. If a search engines see's two websites with the same copy, it will remove one from its index as a duplicate website.

At CCS Leeds, we provide a full de-duplication service of all website copy, ensuring the impact remains the same while the copy looks entirely different to the search engine, and if required, we will also keyword target the copy to include the relevant keywords, therefore improving the keyword prominence in the process.

Search Engine Ranking Reports

If you want to know how your website is currently ranking in the search engines, we can send you weekly or monthly reports on you current position in all the major search engines worldwide. This service provides quick and easy access to how your website is performing in the search engines, and will show you if you are getting the best from your website. This service can be used on UK, Global or multi-lingual websites.

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Optimisation Services

The full optimisation of your company website is a combination of all of these services, and additionally including the creation of optimisation codes, keyword targeting, creation and submission of Google and Yahoo sitemaps, tracking of keywords and visibility, ongoing support and consultancy on web site promotion, internet marketing solutions for incompatible websites and new website SEO consultancy.

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