Search Engine Copywriting Service

Unique, engaging and original copy on company websites is imperative for good ranking in the major search engines. Duplicate or spam copy and links cause many websites to be removed from search engine indexes, making them invisible to prospective customers.

An example of sectors this occurs in often is the tourism industry. Many holiday websites copy and paste directly from the holiday brochures, meaning thousands of websites are removed from search engine indexes for duplicate copy, and the websites lose thousands of daily visitors and customers because of this.

CCS Leeds provide web copy writing services from qualified UK authors and editors, offering original, engaging and optimised copy to websites, newsletters and blogs. Some clients require detailed information to attract customers, others use persuasive writing techniques to showcase their products or services. At CCS Leeds, we create copy which will attract visitors through the search engines and convert those visitors into customers, using all kinds of writing techniques to ensure the copy is perfect for your company.

search engine copywriting

Keywords and Copywriting for Websites

The use of keywords in copywriting for a web site is as equally important as making attractive sentences to draw in customers. Keywords connect your web pages directly to your customer via the search engines.

CCS Leeds search engine copywriting service includes: In-depth keyword research into your sector via search engine logs, optimising the copy with keywords, building quality links to your website, and advising you on social media and email marketing campaigns. The process is performed by experts in the English language, ensuring the sentences are equally attractive as non-keyword targeted copy and will communicate with both your customers and search engines about your products and services.

Website Usability

Additional services include a website usability review and consultancy. Website usability is just as important as search engine ranking. Just because you have driven the customers to your website, doesn't mean they will buy from you. Poorly navigated or promoted websites lose thousands of potential customers due to sometimes the smallest things. Not enough information, too much information, badly written pages, empty pages or hard to find pages can lose your company online sales. Ensuring you have the right content on your website for your sector will improve your conversion rate and bring in the maximum revenue from your online visitors.

Here are some of the most common usability issues, which will reduce sales:

search engine copywriting No prices on the pages. (The customer has to call for pricing or put something in the shopping cart before the price is shown.)
search engine copywriting Incomplete or minimal descriptions. (The name of the product is repeated over and over again, but sizes, shipping weights and available colours are not included.)
search engine copywriting No pictures or poor-quality pictures. (The customer doesn't like what they see.)
search engine copywriting Inconsistent navigation. (Most commonly bad navigation, making it impossible to get to the checkout, products or services.)
search engine copywriting Badly formed programming languages, 404 pages, and too many pop-ups, javascript or Flash elements.
search engine copywriting Poor organization of products. (Customers are unable to find what they are looking for.)

Ensure you're getting the best results from your website, with copywriting and usability services from CCS Leeds.

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