Hosted SharePoint: Microsoft Share Point

Microsoft Share Point from CCS Leeds is an innovative online project tool, which allows users to create, manage and build document or project sites that can be made available throughout the whole company. This means through the use of hosted SharePoint, every member of your company can create or access project information from other users easily.

Web Hosting: FrontPage, SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint can be customised and integrated with all Microsoft Office products including FrontPage, Outlook and Access. Users can access and create all kinds of company documents using this powerful collaboration tool and easily customise the system to suit their needs.

The main benefits of hosted SharePoint:

Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint is an innovative organiser of all aspects of information sharing, from finding documents through to collaborating with workflow and version control. It is also completely synchronised with other Microsoft products, meaning it will be compatible with all the document types used in your business.

hosted sharepoint

Hosted SharePoint Benefits in more detail:

  • Microsoft SharePoint provides company wide file sharing

    Hosted SharePoint from CCS Leeds provides websites with inbuilt document storage, a check-in/out functionality, custom meta information, customisable interfaces and version history. So there is no need for directories full of filing as Microsoft SharePoint organises the filing for you.

  • You can access information in any format with Hosted SharePoint

    Microsoft SharePoint ensures easy communication between departments, with integrated event calendars, forums, issues listings, contacts, announcements and an array of online communication tools to share user information and improve your company workflow.

  • Users get the authority and flexibility they need to complete and share projects

    With hosted SharePoint you can set the levels of authorisation to suit the users, from site monitoring to the ability to create sites, site templates, content moderation and controlling site member lists.

  • Web hosting in FrontPage SharePoint ensures easy administration and customisation of your system

    User friendly administration tools ensure that site tracking, user blocking, setting up templates for users, deleting unused sites and system updates are all just a click away.

  • Hosted SharePoint from CCS Leeds is integrated completely with Microsoft Office 2003

    Calendars, contact lists and tasks are all connected with hosted SharePoint, providing easy access to managing schedules and meetings, with relevant documentation attached.



Connect your company workflow with CCS Leeds Hosted SharePoint