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Zoom 5801

The VoIP adapter for innovative communications solutions

voip adaptor
The Zoom 5801 are VoIP telephone adapters that contain both FXS and FXO ports, supporting bridging and cell phone VoIP access. It provides clear, natural-sounding voice quality and Zoom's Teleport feature allows automatic access to public phone network for emergency services like E911 and 112 calling.

Using industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and supporting Quality of Service (QOS) and advanced telephone services including CLASS features, the Zoom 5801 is also configurable for SIP-based VoIP services.

Additional features include, supporting automatic provisioning by service providers and the Zoom 5801 has proven compatibility with SIP-standard servers from Asterisk, Cisco, NetCentrix, Quintum and more.

Zoom VoIP Telephone Adapter
   Zoom 5801
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    £5.00 delivery charge
    Excluding VAT

voip adaptor Weight 1.50 Kgs
voip adaptor FXS and FXO ports
voip adaptor Clear, natural-sounding voice quality
voip adaptor Configurable for SIP-based VoIP services
voip adaptor Supports Quality of Service (QOS)