Super Broadband | MLPPP

Twice the speed for half the price

With faster internet connections, you can expect higher levels of productivity and easier communication with your clients and suppliers. Having your internet connection optimised to the fastest speed is vital for keeping up with the latest developments in any sector. But you need to keep within your budget too, and this is where MLPPP provides a super broadband solution. MLPPP can bond together any kind of internet line, and it can be implemented to fit most networks. It will increase your internet speed without increasing your monthly costs too much.

Key Benefits of MLPPP

CCS Leeds super broadband is a bespoke MLPPP service that provides high speed internet connections through the bonding of your internet lines. The service is available with any UK-based ISP and any kind of internet connection. Regardless of your current infrastructure, it can be greatly improved with a bonded internet service to create a super broadband for your company.

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CCS Leeds offer a range of services, including high-speed, cost-effective MLPPP services and managed bonded SDSL and ADSL lines to suit your needs. To find out more about our services or to get a quote, click the button or call: (0)113 294 66 99.