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High speed and flexible internet services

MLPPP provides a high speed, professional broadband service that can speed up your current internet to eight times faster. Along with higher speeds and lower prices, the service can also speed up all your other internet applications, including voice, video and internal networks.

How does ADSL Bonding work?

Routers with the custom firmware connect to the ISPs and can have up to eight internet connections. Each connection requires its own router. The internet connections can be a mixture of different ISP's.


  1. Your network, including all connected computers, VoIP telephones or other IP based hardware to any of the routers in your Local Area Network.
  2. Routers with custom bonding firmware. One router per line.
  3. Your ISP - Cable, DSL, fibre, leased line or other broadband connection exchange.
  4. Our cloud-based, bonding servers.
  5. The internet.

The technology is delivered by using a variety of routers from consumer to commercial grade; one per line. Each router has a customised version of the firmware which connects to our aggregation servers as well as your chosen ISP. Once configured and installed, the routers collaborate over your Local Area Network to manage the flow of data across your multiple Broadband connections.

Software hosted on our dedicated servers combine the streams of data traversing the multiple ISP connections and connects directly to the Internet with minimal added latency.

The software supports the vast majority of applications and networking protocols. With some Internet Service Providers (ISPs), bonded internet will actually increase application performance as well as support additional networking protocols.

The aggregation of data occurs at the IP layer, different ISPs and infrastructures can be used for each line (i.e. DSL, Fibre, Cable or even leased line connections) - this significantly improves resilience when compared to a single provider solution.

Professional broadband services from CCS Leeds provide faster and streamlined solutions that are completely flexible and can be customised to fit with any network infrastructure. So it doesn't matter how you connect to the internet, we can speed it up for you.

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