Faster Broadband Deals | MLPPP Prices

Cost effective high speed internet

High speed internet services can sometimes be a strain on company budgets. CCS Leeds faster broadband deals with MLPPP provide a low cost solution that can make your internet service up to eight times faster.

Please find our MLPPP prices listed below:


Product Service Setup Price(+vat)
Product Type
Setup Fee
Custom Internet Router Hardware £Free £75
Bonded Service (per line) Monthly Charge £Free £20

For more details on the technical aspects of how internet bonding works please visit our "bonding FAQ" page.

Internet bonding is an ideal inexpensive way of achieving faster more resilient internet speeds. Other options are also available without having to go to the expense of a costly leased line solution. Please see our "Ethernet First Mile (EFM)" page for more details.

The above pricing is based on a 12 month Contract, with monthly terms. All pricing will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. For a comprehensive quotation on our faster broadband deals, please contact us.

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