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Fast and secure internet to suit your budget

Keeping the monthly costs of your business down to a reasonable amount is just as important as fast and secure internet services are. CCS Leeds offers cheap high speed internet services through their EFM leased lines to ensure that you can run your business at the optimum levels, using cutting edge technology without going over budget.

With a high speed, dedicated internet line that can run internet telephony services like VoIP, which is protected behind a high security firewall and that can also support your VPN, you can ensure that your company remains ahead of the competition without going over your budget.

For our packaged services, you can find the prices listed below. You can also contact us to enquire about bespoke services that are tailored to your needs.

Product Type

Service Speed

Setup Fee

Monthly Fee

2 pair EFM Line Up to 8Mb/s £Free £200
4 pair EFM Line Up to 20Mb/s £Free £300

Faster EFM Lead Times Now Available

We are now able to offer the opportunity to expedite the installation lead time for those who need connectivity in a hurry. For a small fee, we can reduce the lead time by up to 10 working days.

All of our EFM services are fully managed and come with free Cisco hardware as part of the package. We will provide you with your own customer portal so that you can easily monitor your service. Additionally, we set up alerting as standard so that if there is a problem with the service we always know about it as soon as it happens, which means that our 24/7 support staff can resolve any issues as soon as is possible. The above pricing is based on a 36 month contract with annual payment terms. It is subject to survey and confirmed carrier costings at the point of order. All pricing will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Get a quote or contact us about our EFM services

Call us now to speak to one of our experts who are here to advise and help you choose the right kind of connectivity to meet your requirements. Our technical advisers are not sales people and really do have the expertise and knowledge to match a business need to a product. To find out more about our services or to get a quote, click the button or call: (0)113 294 66 99.